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Generator Installation & Maintenance

Looking to get a generator to keep your home or business running due to loss of power?  Storms and natural disasters don’t have to ruin your day or week.  Be prepared and avoid problem and inconvenience of not having power with an auxiliary emergency generator.  There are several types of generators to chose from depending on your needs including emergency generators and temporary generators.

Emergency generators can detect loss of power and automatically turn on to minimize disruption.  These will typically run important electrical components like emergency lighting, fire alarms, security systems, and more.

Portable generators are good for plugging in a limited number of items that you would want to power during the loss of electricity.

With a standby generator it will power automatically with no interruption to your electricity. This type of generator uses gas or propane.

We can assist in making sure you keep the lights on during emergencies!  Give Electric Service & Repair a call today!


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