Electrical Panel Upgrades & Replacement in Miami, FL

As homes get older the electrical panel could have a hard time keeping up with the increased electrical demands on the system.  We have so many gadgets in our homes than ever before that all need electricity at the same time. This could cause the electric panel to need to be replaced. We at Electric Service and Repair customize in panel replacements. We have changed out 10,000 plus panels. Lots of people have tried and say they can change a panel but your insurance company will only honor a licensed. So, if you need a panel changed or upgrade call us at Electric Service and Repair.

Electrical Panel Upgrade Miami, FL

We replaced this electrical panel for a commercial kitchen near Miami, FL.  We have changed out  more than 10,000 plus panels. So, if you need an electrical panel changed or upgrade near Miami, FL call us at Electric Service and Repair.

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